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Pure Imagination

If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.

9 April
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30 rock, a wrinkle in time, adoration, aladdin, all harry potter books, all inkheart books, american history x, an affair to remember, and atonement.. tv: supernatural, and the ugly, and v., anything by kurt vonnegut, anything shakespeare, arrested development, avatar, batman begins, beauty and the beast, beowulf, black beauty, black eyed peas, bones, bride and prejudice, casa blanca, castle, catacombs, catching fire, chess, chuck, coldplay, crash, creepy old cabins, david crowder band, dollhouse, ella enchanted, elvis presley, emma, eragon series, eric clapton, family guy, favorite play twelfth night, fbi, fencing, firefly, fr. elijah, friends, fringe, george romero films, gilligan's island, glee, going out with friends, going to mass, gone with the wind, gregor the overlander series, harry potter films, i love lucy, independence day, indiana jones films, interpretive dance., it, jane eyre, jay-z, john wayne films, josh groban, keith urban, kings of leon, led zepplin, lord of the rings, lost, lynard skynard, malcolm in the middle, mansfield park, matt maher., medium, monsters inc, movies: the goonies, my name is earl, northanger abbey, of course, one republic, or flannery o'connor. and, out of the silentplanet, p.s. i love you, paradise lost, paranormal state, patsy cline, perelandra, persuasion, phantom of the opera, playing video games, prayer of the warrior, pride and prejudice, princess bride, reading, reba mcentire, resident evil films, rhianna, saturday night live, scrabble, screwtape letters, scrubs, secret missions, sense and sensibility, seven, shadow of the bear, sherlock holmes, shooting, sleepless in seattle, space balls, star wars trilogy, styx, sugarland, that hideous strength, the bad, the bible., the breakfast club, the cia, the fray, the giver, the good, the historian, the hunger games, the incredibles, the irresistible revolution, the little mermaid, the office, the simpsons, the velveteen rabbit, the zombie survival guide, till we have faces, twilight, writing, wuthering heights, yankee zulu, you've got mail, zac brown band